Sparkle are a new company aiming to bridge the gap between the digital world and the Point of Sale (POS). They currently have customers all over the retail space; managing the issuance of coupons on tills, delivering an “App Store” for POS, and other things. Their main man Mark is a visionary in the couponing space and was looking for a partner to match his vision with fresh development ideas and innovative approach to the development life cycle — this is where Co Made stepped in.

So it transpired that we have built (and continue to work closely with Sparkle on) an online coupon management portal, and various other very secret technology ‘firsts’; in doing so we have collaborated closely every step of the way to keep their products on track with the business needs. We built an automated test framework with Sparkle, during the development process, that thoroughly exercises the business critical processes at the touch of a button – and what’s more, Sparkle were able to write, and own, the tests.

Using processes such as Impact Mapping (to share the product roadmap and keep line-of-sight to business needs) and Specification by Example (to keep the development team super-aligned to the business) we have been able to provide Sparkle with working software to test minutes after developers have made a change; which is all part of Maximising Opportunities For Feedback (MOFF) and gaining Continuous Acceptance.

Anonymous Client

Our work with this client includes accelerating the growth of their technology footprint to make them a leader in their field. This has involved, amongst other things, an exciting project encompassing high volume real time vehicle number plate recognition and continual data analysis & reporting.

Co Made developed support for multiple, concurrent high frequency data feeds from multiple geographical locations, and the ability to scale and cope with fluctuating demand. The underlying processing handles the analysis of thousands of number plate reads a day and the resulting operational activities.

When developing a user interface, a clear visual representation of the dataset was required, in order to facilitate easy detection and analysis of trends. Co Made has worked together with this client since 2010 to gradually maximise the productivity of their ‘on-the-ground’ teams.

If you have a large remote workforce, and you need a new way of managing that workforce, then Co Made could help you.

We can help businesses become leaders in their field through the use of technology, by working with Co Made to create a bespoke Android app for remote workforces. We are able to help businesses break free of typically expensive hardware, and the exploit the vast array of features available in low-cost Android mobile phones.

Now with Co Made’s help even businesses can say “there’s an app for that”.