.NET Developer Team Boost

If you are looking for an alternative to software developer consulting, and require a hands-on boost to your tech delivery team, we can help!

Step 1: We want to hear all about your business, and the challenges that you are facing. That’s why we like to kick-off with a no-cost half-day Impact Mapping workshop, with your key stakeholders, run by one of our resident experts Pete Buckney or Jenny Martin.

Step 2: Our .NET software developer experts offer coaching, guidance and hands-on help to deliver, while simultaneously setting your tech team up for a future where they are operating more efficiently & more effectively.

We respect your existing culture & ways of working and work with your tech team on the things that really matter. We help with best practise and structure where it’s needed – you can take as much or as little from our toolkit as you feel necessary.

We have .NET software developer experts that can embed into your tech team to help them with things such as:

  • Setting up industry best practise Agile
  • Early, regular & constant delivery of real value to the business
  • Hands-on help & coaching in TDD
  • Effective continuous integration and delivery
  • Writing code that is flexible and open to future changing requirements

Varied & Relevant Experience

Our experts have at least ten years’ commercial experience in a variety of industries, and have a proven track record of taking on and understanding new business domains.

We’ve helped our clients to deliver a variety of project types, including:

  • Web (ASP.NET MVC) projects (both API and UI)
  • Large scale (multi-TB) SQL Server projects
  • Multi-deployment on-POS retail systems
  • Remote workforce management applications
  • … and many more

Typically, our .NET software developer experts will become an integrated hands-on part of your delivery team, and will make a positive impact on day one. They will write code, help run meetings, design & architect and coach other developers as required.

Think Big, Start Small

We like to achieve big things by starting small. That means we, together with your tech team, will be laser focussed on delivering value to the business at the earliest possible opportunity. Initially, we don’t expect commitment beyond that first delivery point. So take on a .NET expert for 2-4 weeks, evaluate how things are going, and take it from there.

Want to discuss? Give us a call on 0845 86 222 96