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Android ANPR


The Co Made ANPR Engine for Android provides a complete ANPR solution for all Android devices with a camera.

The Co Made ANPR Engine for Android is deployed on commodity Android devices in hundreds of locations across the UK and Ireland. It utilises similar well-tested and reliable technology to that used in thousands of fixed position ANPR cameras across Europe. The Co Made ANPR Engine for Android places a powerful vehicle registration plate recognition capability in the palm of an operator’s hand.


Even on modest consumer-level Android hardware the Co Made ANPR Engine for Android offers recognition rates of up to 95% and can be setup to read any European plates, even non-standard configurations. However, the best way to appreciate this is to see it for yourself. Please contact us to arrange an in-person demonstration, or delivery of a demonstration unit.

Flexible Purchase Options

Co Made ANPR Engine for Android licenses can be purchased outright, or on a subscription basis, for integration into your own software solutions. Please contact us for more details on pricing, as we offer bulk discounts.

Alternatively, we have a large depth and breadth of experience in tailoring custom mobile solutions around the Co Made ANPR Engine for Android. We can help you to integrate the engine into an existing app or even to help you realise your vision into a brand new software solution.

Technical Details

The Co Made ANPR Engine for Android comes as an Android-compatible JAR file and is licensed on a per device basis. Full developer documentation, including sample integration code is available on request. Of course, if your development team have any queries during integration, or otherwise, the friendly experts in the Co Made team are always on hand to help.