During our downtime at Co Made we sometimes have the fortune to work on things that are a little out of the norm and are worth letting other people have a look at.

On this page we provide the latest of what we have to offer and give a small insight into other things that we might work on in the future or just projects that we consider to be interesting in their nature. Please take a look and if you want any further information then don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

CoMade ANPR Engine - cropped

Android ANPR

Overview The Co Made ANPR Engine for Android provides a complete ANPR solution for all Android devices with a camera. The Co Made ANPR Engine […]


Property Heatmap Use Property Heatmap to find areas to live based on search criteria that you actually care about. Tell it how close you need to […]



Our new product that allows users to link straight from the specification documentation through to unit tests, allowing project stakeholders to see progress in real […]


FreeAgent Api Caller

Our latest product that is now available to download from our GitHub repository is the FreeAgent API Caller. This is currently in use by us […]


Lego Sorting Application

During a bit of rare downtime, Andy decided to act on Phil’s semi drunken hub ramblings to deliver this web application to enable creative cognition. […]