We are always looking to hire people who have the right approach to building technical solutions for our clients. If the following appeals and sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you

If you have any programming language and database experience plus all of the below, please connect with Eleanor Martin by emailing your CV and anything else relevant such as website, github etc to

Technically curious

Enjoy researching and playing around with technologies to understand how they work, integrate and their limitations.


We are either looking for people who have experience of these approaches or have looked into them enough to know the tools involved and the benefits it gives – we’ll teach you the rest.

Technologically agnostic

Willing to collaborate and use the right technology for the job in hand rather than believing ‘only Java is the answer’. We won’t be asking you to learn Cobol but we do want people who are willing and able to pick up new technologies quickly and effectively.

Able to ‘get it’

Ahh the elusive ‘it’. What do we mean by ‘it’? Covers a range of things – the classic description is problem solving which we hope you would want and be able to do but this goes beyond that. ‘It’ is the abilty to cut through the muddle to understand the real issue we need to solve for our clients. ‘It’ is knowing how to stretch and bend technologies so that they deliver what we need, not what they say they do on the packet. ‘It’ is thinking ahead and understanding the wider and long term impact of whatever you’re coding now – being structured and logical in your approach. ‘It’ is knowing when your colleagues need a coffee to be made for them. There are tons of ‘getting it’ needs which we’ll hope you add to.

All roles include

  • Involvement in and (when you’re up and running) responsibility for full development lifecycle – nobody puts coder in the corner.
  • Building and maintaining an understanding of the clients business and issues so you know what you’re solving.
  • Understanding and improving on the methods we use to build and deliver smart solutions for our clients.


“One of my housemates once told me I was the only person she knew who actually enjoyed their job” – Phil (developer)

“Actually that quote is kind of depressing” – Phil (developer) – moments later